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A number of beautiful watches, but you don't wear them that often? Then a luxury watch box from Mats Meier is perfect for you! Order a watch box now to keep your watches beautiful.

Filtering & Sorting

Mats Meier's watches deserve a nice storage place. Where do you keep your watch when you are not wearing it? Do you put the watch away in the closet where nobody sees it? Mats Meier watches are far too beautiful for that!

Make sure that you put your watch in a luxury watch box! That way, you can keep your watches nice and close together. Because the watch boxes are open, you can always display your watches in your living room or bedroom.

The Mont Fort watch box collection is named after the mountain of the same name east of Geneva. And the collection has not been given this name for nothing. Because what are forts known for? That's right! Storing valuables.

Do you prefer a stylish watch box or a classic watch box to store your watches? You have come to the right place with Mats Meier. The storage boxes are made of durable materials and come in all sorts of designs.

Mats Meier has watch boxes made from leather and wood. The inside of the watch boxes differ as well. On one box the inside is made of leather and on another box it is for example made of velvet. The watch boxes also come in different shades, namely black, brown and dark grey.

Mats Meier's storage boxes also come in various sizes. For the real collector, we have storage space for up to 18 watches. Are you a slightly smaller collector? Mats Meier also has boxes for 'just' 5 watches. And in between there are a number of different sizes. Boxes with room for 6, 8, 10, 12 and 18 watches.

Have you become enthusiastic about storing your watches away neatly? Order your watch box now! The package will be sent to you as soon as possible.

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